Regulating Lines – Le Corbusier

Regulating lines are the most important tool of modern architecture. Since the humanity’s primitive years, geometrical shapes which are square, rectangular, circle etc. help the humanities works which are making houses and other things. I think these geometrical shapes have regulating lines so it simplifies the human’s effort. Also measurement and regulating lines help us to construct well and distribute our efforts to advantage and units of measure are the main terms of all. In my opinion, some modern constructs which are imposed the measurement have a harmony and rhythm. In addition, rhythm of regulating line’s creation lets our eyes to see clearly the relations of various objects. Therefore, it is the base of the constructions. Another my point about regulating lines is that they give guarantee opposite the changing. According to my other opinion, regulating lines also create a spiritual harmonious relations. It is very important thing to operation.

frame (2)frame (3)



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