Adolf LOOS – Ornament and Crime

Adolf Loos is one of the important pioneer of the modern architecture. Therefore, he advocated the pure architecture.

He said that this writing which name is Ornament and Crime “Ornament is crime!” I think he tried to say that crime is a law but actually he talked about etic of crime. In addition, he said that “Ornament is wasting of time.” I guess he wanted to say that the wasted thing is using many social resources so ornament is social crime. If we use ornaments we may lose the elements’ potential as well as cultural potential.

Adolf Loos also used the wooden panels on the interrior design. I guess he tought that wood taken from the nature and presently it is there so he did not waste his time to ornament. Also he did not say that people which are use the ornaments are bad person but it is crime interms of social consequences. Besides, if one building has less ornament, it will live a lot.


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