METU Prep-School

            Middle East Technical University English Preparation Department Additional Building designed by Boran EKİNCİ in 2006. This buildings’ client was METU. Boran EKİNCİ who is the architect this building, was born in Diyarbakır, 1963. He graduated from METU Faculty of Architecture. Firstly, he worked in a short time at Ekinciler ve Ortakları Tic. Ltd. Şti. Then, he worked at Dalokay – Ekinci Architecture Ltd. Şti. with Vedat DALOKAY. Finally, he established his own office that Boran EKİNCİ Architecture. Boran EKİNCİ is very successful architect. He succeed many jobs and he won many prize. So that, this METU English Preparation Department Additional Building Project was given to him.

In terms of buildings’ function, character, form and structural features are very important for the METU Campus because these features were used successfully in terms of this buildings’ relation between the other METU’s structure.

I want to mention about the structures architectural designs in terms of its some architectural qualities. Firstly, this building was made by rainforced concrete and steel. When the Boran EKİNCİ used the rainforced concrete to construct the building, he agreed with Adolf LOOS. Adolf LOOS said that architects should not waste their time to ornament, they use only materials nature. Boran EKİNCİ used the rainforced concrete by agree with Adolf LOOS. In addition, he used steel structures between the rainforced concrete. In that condition, building says ‘ I am a rainforced concrete!’ They work together. The have been gain mean together. I guess, he used different materials to different parts of building because definition of the materials creates different places.

       Next, I want to say about its’ some advantages. First, this building has space which is between two planes (rainforced concrete walls). It refers to certain pure space. Space is not just indoors; half open area is defined with walls. In addition, this space which is between two walls creates insulation. This building was built through East-West axes so this design decision creates that building take the sunlight all day long. In addition, I want to say that this building has linear condition. Buildings are built linearly.

       Then, buildings windows as we can say units, are made for taking to sunlight sources. Windows were made by wood panels. This creates a natural expression of materials. In addition, building has some gaps on the wall. These gaps are definition of something like that entrance. In terms of its function, it is made with so pure elements which are steel prism elements, rectangular rainforced concrete walls etc. It is one of the department of English Language School so that its’ function is so pure because of that situation.

    Le Corbusier mentioned that his essay name is Mass and Surfaces that architecture and engineering should work with together. Architectures’ designs and engineering’s calculations are should work with together. So that, this building refer to these quotes. It is one of the modernism’s examples.

     Another important point is that;

                                                   Utilitas + Firmitas = Venustas

I guess this building one of the examples of this equation. As I mentioned, it has not got any ornament so its’ own nature creates that it is an example of this equation.

        Also I want to mentioned that this building was built did not leave the principles of the modern architecture. So this situation contributes to architect that he is on the right road.

       In addition, one of the features of building is that rainforced concretes provide the grid condition on the wall an level of walls creates somehow repetition.

       This building has a cafeteria at the middle of two blocks. This cafeteria has equal distance to both the buildings. I guess, connecting things somehow being designed according to function. Because this building was made for students and students have some needs. This design was designed for the users. I guess it is very important in the architecture because architects work for humans some needs. Also this building lives with the nature for example gaps between two walls full of greenery an trees surround the structure. I think it is one of the important things for architecture and architects. In addition this building is with in harmony with the METUs’ context. Generally METUs’ structures were made with rainforced concrete so that they are with in harmony in terms of its function, theme and form.

       Also I want to mention that Boran EKİNCİ won the prize with this project by THHB 2008 Architecture Awards.


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