CoMoRo[64] step 1-2-3-4-5

In the first step we are expected that the create a unit which has more features that creates many relations. Then I decided this unit.


At the second stage we are expected that use the 15 units and doing operations which are copy-move-rotate then construct a model. We have to control the relations and elements position with each other. Already, we had not got any refrences like an image. That is my second stage construct.


That is the 3rd stage of our assignment! I have to aware the relations which are in my second stages construct then I draw the diagram of relations. At the end of the diagram revises I chose that the most promissive. Then I construct the step 3 throug the diagram of second step.

At the 4th step, we arw expected to operatins which are copy-move-rotate and new operations which are tear&fold. Actually, it was a bit hard and it forced me. But also it help to us to create new relations. I made this collage and construct. Also it was our PRE-JURY assignment, thats why it became more stressful and hard 😀 So, it is my pre-jury step 🙂

At the 5th step, we have new operation that Scale&Stretch besides the previous operations. We take the refrences my 3rd step of construct. Then it is created.



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