Bodily Experiences of Human in Architecture

It is the first assignmet of this semester so it is vvery excited for us. First of all, we went to Erimtan Museum and its nearby environment as given map to analyze there in terms of human experiences of spaces which relevant with horitontal surfaces at there and visual relations. Both indoors and outdoors we were expected to began study with real human scale. at the first step of assignment about the erimtan museums and nearby environments’ section drawing which is a longitudunal one and a model. We ( me and my group mates) study on duration on specific spaces and diversity of human movements. Those red acetate sheets represent that.

I think that in this exercise we must consider that some detailed informations such as hight of things which is important properties with relevant to human bodily experiences and what the horizon spaces allow to our movement? Also properties of shape of objects creates orientation of the movements. Therefore, experience is changed in terms of shape.

These are my sketches about human scale and bodily experiences.

sketches body copy.jpg


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