Early Cultures

At the prehistoric era human population became increasing. Therefore, they need some humanitarian needs such as shelter, nutriture etc. In accordance with text given; firstly they created some groups of societies where near caves and some natural water sources. Also those areas are suitable for their nutritions.

Firstly, they constructed some structures which has a religious aims. So, the architecture was born these times because of the human needs. In years to come, people created some paintings which were done with many way. Actually, it changes through their daily life or experiences. Also its tecniques changed. When the eras get closer to the milestone, peoples experiences became more richer in terms of art.

There are some examples of early architectural constructs called as ritual center. As an example ritual sites has been found at Urfa where is Göbeklitepe. These ritual places are maden with some architectural aims. As I mentioned before, peoples which constructed Göbeklitepe sites, treated the limestone. There are some figures and shapes on the limestone that are found. I think these trades are very important for the history of humanity especially history of architecture. For example these stone maybe the first footprints of columns history.

When we look at the Mesopotamia’s prehistoric era, we can see some of the groupings of villages. In years to come, those groups members increasing so, they were needed to did new constructions which are suitable for them to live. Another settlement is Catal Hüyük. This city had some constructions which hadn’t got streets they are constructed near by near by the way they share their wall. They use staircases and rooftops to reac their home. I think that maybe their population rate was huge and they may constructed their homes near by near.



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