Examine the Staircase of Erimtan Museum

We ( my group and me) analyzed the Erimtan’s staircase which is at the outside of it. That staircase has very different qualities in terms of human’s bodily experiences. When we analyzed the staircases we consider some cases and differentiated them as a white and black. For example, at the white steps of staircase have some different qualities than the black parts such as, at the top of the white parts of stairs orient people to go balconish(top of the staircase and bigger one) and also these parts add new experiences which are standing, looking and walking by this condition. In addition, when we started to go down to stairs we were 3 person and we came into the white part we can continue with 4 person. So, stairs enlarge.

At the middle of the model there is another white step that implicates us to ” You will turn.” Therefore, this landing is bigger than other steps and also it adds some experiences as similar as balconish. I want to add something about this landing. Blacks steps are thinner than this white landings so these landings also contribute to people give break to climbing.

Final white steps have some features than the other parts. For example, near these steps there is a table of Cafe. Actually, I think that if this orientation would be not, that area will has not that function.


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