Variated Conditions of Erimtan Cases In Terms Of Human Experiences

In this assignment, we (my group and me) were expected that 2 cases according to library of possible universal variations of our model.These cases are related with horizontal surfaces and human experiences which they affect each other. After then, we created some keywords. At the end of the analysis( it takes time to 4 hours :)) we created 3 model and keyword that is diversity of movements.

First one, we studied on horizontal surfaces that have different slope conditions. As you can see photography, human can do different movements on non-slope surfaces but cannot do more different movement on slopped horizontal surfaces as much as non-slopped part. So, we analyzed that slope affects our diversity of movements.

At the second model, we tried to change  horizontal surfaces’ shape and analyzed the what shape of horizontal surfaces affects the human experiences? For example, surface has an empty part that prevents humans’ movement therefore, experiences.In addition, we narrowed the path as differ than the opposite of it. At the narrowed path, multiple people cannot use this area but at the opposite path they can. Unlike walking, peoples’ movements are diverse. Also I add to something about the shape of this surfaces. We enlarged one of the curveliniar parts and we analyzed same thing in a similar way.

Final model considers that the horizontal surfaces which have different hight how affect peoples’ movements in terms of diversity. We had an outcome of this analyzing that human can use easily and commonly between their eye-level and waist-level. So, their diversity of movement is increasing. But, thet cannot use easily their top of eye-level and bottom of the knee. We analyzed the level of human bodily experiences based on height of horizontal surfaces.


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