Global Architecture-1.2 Vernacular Architecture

Tension and Compression

The first thing that structure is for weight to stabilize the mass of building. Compression is for weight of mass which has direction down and out. Tension is a horizontal stresses of structures. According to these, post and beam made as walls carrying horizontal element, cantilever means support, corbelled arch made with used cantilever (both side) and stones rising up forming a across U which has corners not exact U shape but true arch developped form of corbelled arch and its shape more regular than corbelled arch.

-Baghdad: has ‘catenary arch’ which means that has a shape like an egg. In this time, Urfa came to my mind. These shapes are mostly similar to me. When made these use mud bricks. Because they are more durable. Actually fired bricks arehas more quantitiy of material but in complex structures its costs increasing. According to nature of bricks, they can shaped limited because of the rectangular shape of bricks.

The Wooden Skeleton:

-Longhouses: In Nothern Europe,nature provides them some materials which are wooden materials. They were made longitudunal house which was made by woods and hearth is the middle of the house also they had like a chimney for lights coming and smokes going out. Divided hallway for livestock shelter and men and domesticated animals survive together in there.

Both the wooden and mud bricks material comes from nature but they leave on that angle issue. In addition, wood is easily destroyed but in Eastern Europe some examples were found. Some examples in Neolithic Villagers, made their wooden houses on raised piles because of sudden floods. I thought that maybe there is a rainy zone or nearby the river or lake.

Stones and Compressions

Stone: promised many advantages, resistant to fire.. Neolithic societies chose it because of its permanence. Also it must be sculpted for usage.

-Skara Brae: They used stone all their furnitures, I though that stone maybe did not very hard. Only roof is not stone. Maybe their climate encouraged them to did like that.

-Ain Ghazal: Sack Walls- integration of 2 different layers of stone that is for thick walls were became strenght.

Neolithic people also shaped stones to controlling the form of a construct.



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