Global Architecture – 1.3 Megaliths and Stone Circles

Roudness Architecture

Malta temples were built for gathering people for religious activity. These temples have some common qualities. For example, orienting the entries toward the rising sun and they rounded stones which is corbelled (I mention that previous post that means) and also have concave facade. That is very similar structure as Malta temples as called that Hagar Qim means standing stones. In this place, there were rooms that were started made with a rounded then it was mutliplied. As the same method of making structure like Malta corbelled stones were used. People filled unnecessary holls on the walls with lime to make the wallss smoothness. The made the entrance side lobe shaped megalith rooms because for the enlarged after here. Other similar example like Malta is that Hypogeum at Hal Saflien have similar rounded shape and its shape is pyramid but it goes negative direction and also stepped.


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