Global Architecture-Labyrinths and Cyclopean Walls

Cretan people had fortifications that were lacking. It observes that they were not war like people. They believed spiritual power of natural phenomena and it contributed the orientation of architecture. For example they did their constructs in accordance with some natural things. Knossos was the first labyrinth has fortifications and tunnels. It observes that Knossos was defenced. Also has windows and it is a great temple complex. In years to come, it was reconstructed because of the natural disatours. The walls where at the city side, thick and had not got any openless. Labyrinthic system also creates disorientation. I mean that this complex system can cause lost of orientation. In addition, in the Corridors, walls are painted according to experinces of people who live in that era. Knossos was set the upper edges of the city. Minoan Crete has also no defensive walls we can understand easily they did not like war. In this people, their public spaces and temple complex than other spaces. This city has narrow paths and those peoples’ econmics depended on textile and metal working. At the Knossos, there is The Bull Court which used for bull dance with toreador.Its observe that they had also some activities. Besides, Knossos had no symmetric structure. I think that disorientation of labyrinths create this assymtery. This labyrinths divided into some parts for different usages. Also they worked with topography in some place for example as I mentioned before Knossos were set the highest edge of city.

Mycenae is a small city which its people were war liked people.They had strong similarities between the Cretan people and them. But in the architectural manner they did not exceed the level of Crete. They constructed hierarchical structures because of the military necessities. Megaron where the warrior king seen in also their porch faced the south and its walls were painted like Minoas. There were many similarities that we can see between the Minoas and Mycenae. The Lion Gate is main entry. Also they known as their new walls.

Hattusha had a military design cities. The city was surrounded walls which called fortifications like Mycenaen peoples. Troy was a great capital city. In addition, Hattusha had organic urban layout. It had gates  that sphinx and lion etc. They made arch which are very high.


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