Experience on Topography

At the previous assignmet, we analyzed the human experiences on variated horizontal spaces. In this one, we are expected to work with topography in terms of horizontal spaces. I produced two diagrams and models to analyze the topographical experiences on human.

Firstly, I produced a model that includes slope conditions and hight conditions. Peoples on the diagram of hills. Numeric one’s experiencing the slope conditions. Guy who is the 1st number climbed the hill’s side which is long and slopped. It is very difficult so, his/her experinces are restricted from the slope. Guy who is the second one goes down the hills. It is slopped than the first one but when the guy going down slope contributes to his/her movement. At the 3rd guy, on the less slopped area when he climbed hill than the first one. It is also easier than 1st one. Finally, at the 4th guy, there is no slope so it’s experience is more than others. About the hight conditions, when guys climbed the hill the guy who at the top has more vista than others.

At the second model, I analyzed the flatlands which have a level differences between them. I think that level difference can solved with a staircase but this level difference is not long and not too much. I mean that staircase is not long so, people don’t tired because of these and also this staircase contributes to people’s experiences increasing. I mean that on flatland people can move diversly.


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