At our field trip, we also went to Capadoccia, Uçhisar and Zelve. We analyzed the spatial organization and spatial qualities at there. There are many spaces that have different architectural qualities in terms of architectural elements of spaces. After our analysis, we were expected to create the spatial catalog of Uçhisar and Zelve.

I want to explain that transition conditions of spaces. Transitions were created with level differences between the spaces. The level differences also divided spaces into them. Another transition element is door-ishes. I say this word because they are not completely door but create access from one space to another. Besides these transition elements, narrow paths were also used there and also some spaces has transition spaces that were only used for transitions.

Other architectural elements are openings. There were many openings in Uçhisar and Zelve’s spaces that have different qualities. Someone created for light because they were located the top of the walls and they are small. Some openings create access between the spaces as a transition. Relation and visuality are also used for the creation of openings that between spaces and also indoor – outdoor relations.


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