The -ish

In this assignment, we were expected to use our spatial catalog that includes much architectural analysis in a single composition with some reasons. -ish condition

I analyzed my spatial catalog again and decided to apply openings, level difference, access condition, transparency and light conditions on my composition. Firstly, I used stairs that both is an access and transparency elements. A human can both experience in a single architectural element. Then, I used some openings. First one is for the relation between indoor – outdoor spaces. Another one is for indoor spaces relation.  Both openings are the visual and transparent element. Besides, another opening that is a horizontal opening both directs us and the light source for the bottom level of composition. It blocks us so it works as a partition wall so, we can call as a wall-ish. In addition, I created slots both for the defusion of light and transparency and these slots are made with human scale but they cannot use them as a door so, it is a window-ish . It is not a complete window.

In addition, I also use the level difference for the division of spaces. Its’ height as much as a step of the staircase but neither is a wall nor a staircase and it works as a partition wall also. We can call wall-ish or stair-ish.

After all these and critics, I revised my composition. I changed the stairs. Firstly, I analyzed my firs compositions’ stairs then I thought that stairs are not just connected to levels. It can define a space and also defines itself as space. I use this thought in my new composition. I stretched one of the steps for diverse the human experience and gain new possibilities to stairs. That step becomes a balcony-ish. It is both step and balcony-ish. That chosen steps’ below is suitable for human scale so, it also works as a roof. Therefore, we can call as roof-ish.

Then I played with slits on my first composition. I diminished into one and exaggerated it. It is a continuous opening that works at the bottom part as a door/entrance and at the higher level of composition, that continuous opening opens to a balcony-ish with a level difference and also it creates visuality which means can be called as window-ish. At the end of this opening, it creates a transition between spaces. It is not completely door but also works as the door so, it is a door-ish. 

In addition, I use column-ish elements which go bottom to up and they used for strength the transition behind the rectangular wall-ish element also they aligned.In this composition, I have horizontal openings as like the previous composition. But in here I strength them in terms of both visuality and directing the human. So, it works both partition wall and window but it mostly near the wall. Therefore, I want to call wall-ish.


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