Two weeks ago, we were at Tuz Gölü for site analysis. We considered to documented features of Tuz Gölü that relevant with human experiences. I analyzed some conditions that  wind , orientation. environments of the lake, vista, sound according to the wind, the speed of movements. Then I draw diagrams and created maps to explain my ideas.

Firstly, I analyzed the orientation both at night and morning. In the morning, orientation is throughout the horizon line but at night horizon line does not exist. Therefore, peoples’ orientation  perception change from horizon line to lighten areas which are settlements, moon, and stars.

Secondly, wind condition is very effective at there. While we analyzing at Tuz Gölü, wind blow from the west. I analyzed sound according to the wind. So, when I took opposite to wind my friends could not hear to me the result of this wind affects the human experience in terms of sound.


Thirdly, I mapped the vista condition in Tuz Gölü. Tuz Gölü is a purely horizontal surface that creates a great perspective for human eyes. Then, we do not need to hight condition for vista.


Another analysis is speed condition.I choose to draw section for this analysis. While people proceeding, the horizontal surface gets wet and peoples’ speed become diminish. Actually, that also relevant with the texture of lake.

Finally, that is the overlapped all them without sections.




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