Strategy on Tuz Gölü with Zelve and Uçhisar

In this time, we are expected to observe two main issue about our compositions. First one is that according to our analysis and observations on Tuz Gölü, we are advised to build up strategy which is for enrichment, diversity and multiplicity of human experience on  Tuz Gölü. According to this issue, I think on my observation and analysis of Tuz Gölü. There is some specific orientations both the night and morning at there. For instance, at the morning horizon line which is created by the closing of two peninsulas’ and the merging of the sky and the lake, oriented human through itself. Actually, Tuz Gölü is a big scaled and flat area. Therefore, we do not have many options to orientation. I apply this orientation on my strategy as I call axial orientation . In addition, that is one more oriented axis that  I use my composition, is at night. I use this axis for the division and organization of spatial composition. I guess, this spatial organization and intervention enrich and multiply the orientation of that area because, as I said, there is not very much strong axis to orientation. It changes in a day. So, I want to strength this condition of Tuz Gölü. Also, we worked on maps to can realize the actual scale of the lake.

About the second issue of assignment, we are expected that grafting our spatial catalog onto Tuz Gölü. Grafting briefly means at this assignment injection of our spatial catalog onto Tuz Gölü. In this time, I do not have the specific decision about the spatial organization. So, I determined a zone according to axial orientation and I play with variations of spatial compositions. One is worked for level differences between the spaces in terms of top surfaces of spaces, one is related to the hierarchy of transparency in the spaces and another is the division of spaces in terms of an axis.


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