Islamic Spain and Morocco / Global Architecture

Exiled branch of the Umayyad dynasty consolidated the rule of Iberian Peninsula and Morocco. So, it occurred an exuberant style of architecture. Their architects put the arches top of each other that is for the kinetic effects of interlacing arches.

 Al-Andalus divided into small pieces that taifas for the brilliant urban set pieces modeled on Cordoba. In Cordoba, there is a similarity between the ancient Rome is public baths. Cordoba has seventy libraries and the population of Cordoba organized competitions that mainly about the literature. It observes that they did not improve themselves only the religious perspective like Indians. Cordoba was a multinational city so, they were also multinational in architecture for the citizens. Actually, in terms of the architecture they known as their arches and arch bridge. There is a difference between the Damascus mosque and the Cordoba arches in mosque ran perpendicular to the qibla wall. Great Mosque was extended eight bays through the bridge in the 9th century. The Great mosque reconsecrated in years. First, Christians changed the boundary of the mosque. Second, in the 15th century, they inserted counter axial to the hypostyle space. Then, in the 16th-century minarets facade changes into a bell tower. And, finally, royal architects changes the counter axial to the qibla.


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