Positive Outdoor Spaces / The Pattern Language

There are essentially two kinds of outdoor spaces that are negative space and positive space. Actually, the main issue in this division of spaces is the shape or shapeless of outdoor spaces. When space is negative, it has not got any radical shape which is created by other masses by mean that indoor spaces forms. In this situation, figure and ground relation occur. I mean that about the negative outdoor spaces when you look at the top view you can observe that outdoor spaces work only the ground for masses. But, if space is a positive space, it should act both figure and ground.


 In other words, positive outdoor spaces increase the degree of spatial quality of itself because of the openness and closeness situations. Besides the openness and closeness issue, convexity is also very important for the space definition in terms of positive or negative. If the convexity and closeness of outdoor spaces increase, it will approach towards the positive outdoor spaces.

After the pre-jury, I want to use this condition in my design. Therefore, I tried to make research about the positive outdoor spaces. By chance, I found this information from the suggested reading that name is The Pattern Language. And all sketches also are taken from this book.


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