Revision After the PreJury-I

After the pre-jury critics, I revised my design according to critics. I worked on positive outdoor spaces that I have but I did not design them accordingly. So that, I tried to emphasize the positive outdoor spaces with using some architectural elements which create indoor spaces also. In addition, the organizational scenario is that I have work to orient people to the josephine and present them with some spatial, physical and visual experience during the process of approaching them In the spatial scenario, I aim to experience and observe more space while people are in a space, and at the same time to complete this experience physically and visually. Besides, I tried to develop the spaces in my design according to the enclosure level of them. The enclosure level is changing hierarchically in terms of  some gradual levels. I mean that spaces open towards from coastline to the end of my design. Also, I have work on transparency in architecture. Actually, I have some doubts about this issue, I have not got specific decisions on it. The diversity of openings is the main issue of my design, so I have work on them in terms of using some strips.


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