In Tuz Gölü, there was a strong and specific orientation towards and through to the specific part of the horizon line which is created by closing two peninsulas and merging both sky and horizon. My strategy is that I want to enrich the experiences of Tuz Gölü such as orientation and big scaled conditions.

According to Göreme analysis, some specific properties and experiences attract my attention. I mean that openings of spaces in Göreme create some experiences, between the spaces, to human. I grafted this condition onto Tuz Gölü by made diversity and multiplicity to this conditions. For example, when people came to my design, they firstly enter a narrow space. Then enclosure levels of spaces decreases. Also, I oriented and faced my spaces to the horizon line. The general idea of openings overlapped between some spaces and create like framing idea then at the end, people see the horizon line with these frames that related with the scale of the visual experiences.

Generally, I did not make strict rules for the circulation, but in some parts of spaces, I want to block and orient the people. I made some articulations in horizontal and vertical dimensions to block and orient people. For example, vertical elements in some parts orients to people to some openings that are the transition and visual openings of space. In a horizontal way, there are some articulations to people’s orientation and blocking such as pool and continuation of strip walls. One of the spatial scenarios of my design is that I aim to give more spatial experience to people while people are in a space and at the same time to complete this experience physically and visually. About the tectonics, I’ll use matte and bright concrete and also timber.


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