‘Literature in Architecture (Edebiyatta Mimarlık)’ / CerModern

On Saturday we had a chance to attend the speech of the book Literary Architecture in CerModern. The guests were Ali Cengizkan, the dean of our school, and Celal Abdi Güzer, the teacher at METU. The basic theme of the story is architecture in understanding, classification, and critique of architecture. To design a new world in the book’s intended architectural and architectural minds, in the minds of ambition, to open an architectural window blessed with aesthetic values outside simple technical affairs and rant quarrels. Ali Cengizkan mentions that there is a bilateral interaction about literature and architecture. The fact that both are very similar aspects and that the creation of both is, in fact, a matter of different measures of the order of things coming from scratch has been the subject of the change of borders in architecture and literature since the seventies and the inclusion of both literary and architectural elements of the living geographer. And most importantly, architecture and literature were the experiences of people. Literature and architecture provide us with experiences that carry us in a very different world and vary from man to man. Celal Abdi Güzer our teacher also mentioned the methods of architectural criticism from other disciplines and talked about how the literature was one of them and how the parts that constitute the literature related architecture in architecture came or how we understood the whole thing in pieces. Literature and architecture were open to reading and understanding a visual object. The architecture has a critical structure in the design process, and it has the same design process as the same design process, creating a text in literature.

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