Tuz Gölü is a big scaled and homogeneous area that haven’t got more references to orient people other than the Josephine which is created by closing two peninsulas and merging both sky and horizon. Since the time we entered the Tuz Gölü area, it made feel its own big scale as it goes through infinity. In Göreme, we enter the space through different openings and these openings provide us to observe other spaces before physically, we can experience spaces visually. Sometimes these openings also orient our experiences to specific direction or vista in a way that horizontal and vertical. Spaces’ scale, which additionally affects our space perception.

As a determining my design strategy to enrich orientation property of Tuz Gölü, grafted openings are overlapped between some spaces and created frame. They aimed also to enrich vista of Josephine. All of them related to Josephine. For the visual relation between the spaces, some openings are located through giving hints about the outside and other spaces. Some of them located for the light condition in a way that located upper and higher parts from the eye level. Also, I create the horizontal opening to specify the border of this space and orients people surround it to this opening. Addition to all these, the light condition was deliberated that strip idea came from this condition. For some spaces, that indoor and positive outdoor, openings were also meaningful with light and shadow. In addition, I have an approach path which is from the road to my design and also its angle same with the general angle of my design to the shoreline so that, orientation as a design strategy starts with the approach path. Besides, some walls start but not continue to finish the strip idea. For why the walls I mentioned to human experience in a different way which for comparing with their height in big spaces also they act as partition walls. About the tectonics and materials, I want to use laminated timber which some places carry the slabs. There are beams that inside the walls to durability and carrying to walls itself.(in sections) I use also concrete matte concrete for walls and bright concrete for the key point of my design. On the ground level, I tried to give people experience that hard surfaces that are buried continuation of strip walls and soft surfaces that are the salt lake.


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