Case Study – CollageWork – 3D Diagram

After the analysis of case study houses, we were expected to create a collage which includes the case studies important points which related with our keywords. I have the sentences are meandering through and thick yet not heavy. Before making the collage, I analyze the key points of houses which related with the key sentences. The first thing came my mind was the starting part of the plan of the Fallingwater House there was a path that goes through the broken axis. This axis becomes a key thing of my collage and the model. Also, it related with the key sentence “meandering through“. Therefore, I interpret this sentence as one of the transitions. For the second sentence which is “thick yet not heavy“, the first thing came my mind was the material of the structure. I researched the material which one is thick yet not heavy before the collage. I found the timber for this situation. Then I changed the concrete building as a timber one and I raised the building with pilotis. Also generally, all of the nine house has the layers to separate the spaces in the houses. Therefore, I use the first key point that I mentioned the beginning of this post, for separate the layers of the house.


After the discussion for the ideas of collage, we were expected to make the model of our ideas that same with the collage. But in this assignment, I dug the words other meanings. For example, thick means also obvious, and heavy means also dense. After this analysis, I tried to combine two sentences in a way that obvious meandering through yet not dense.  This is the main idea of my composition so, I wanted to interpret this sentences like the transition between the spaces is obvious yet not dense so, there is a single transition between the spaces. Therefore, thick is a positive thing but heavy is a negative thing according to my interpretation. In the model, I used the broken axis in the plan of Fallingwater House that is also the key point of my collage, to give sense transition in a continuous manner. So, the colored parts represent this idea between the spaces.


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