CollageWork & 3D Diagram Revisions

Revision -1-

After the discussions of first collage works, I realize that I must try to dig the words other meanings to able to look the other glasses. My sentences are meandering through and thick yet not heavy. Actually, I mentioned these sentences and my glass that I look in previous post header is Case Study – CollageWork – 3D Diagram. I tried to change some things that have not got some relations between my idea in the collage. These things are the material change in structures and some structural terms which are pilotis which came to my mind with the sentences thick yet not heavy from the Rudin House. I tried to add relevant things with that idea “thick meandering through yet not heavy.” I explain this combined sentence with different two concepts in a way that If any space’ transition elements or spaces increase, this space become heavy so, negative thing according to my explanation. So, I tried to work with that idea both my collage works and 3D diagrams.

From the case study examples, generally, there were some spaces have openings in the Ö Evi. I tried to eliminate the windows to create a void that affects the idea of thick meandering through yet not heavy in terms of both visual and physical transition concepts. In addition, there is a broken axis is taken from the Fallingwater Houses ground plan contributes to built the general idea of meandering through.

Revision – 2 –

Fallingwater House‘s broken axis which I mentioned the previous post still the key idea of the collage and the 3D diagram but it changes in order to other case study house’ meandering properties. That broken axis begin a single walkway but it ends more than one so, our choices of transition and meandering increases. In order to my sentence “thick meandering through yet not heavy” it begins positive but ends less positive than the beginning part. In addition, in the House iii by Peter Eisenman the framing design which used intentionally by the architect to catch the sunlight and protect the privacy. Actually, I want to look other glass to that design idea. The used frames that create many walkway choices for users besides the contribution to the structure of the house.Therefore, that condition contributes to my idea of meandering through in terms of heaviness that I interpret into density. Another example house is Casa Rudin by Herzog & Meuron.  The house has two entrances one is at the bottom and one is at the ground level of the house. There are two circulation conditions in that house. Therefore, I also work with that in my collage and 3D diagram. In the Azuma House by Tadao Ando, there is an axially symmetric composition. There are two cubical boxes are connected with one courtyard has three transition conditions. One of them is bottom level to upper level, another one is a lower level to lower level, another one is upper level to upper level. So, I work this thing in my collage to interpret my idea. The House in Alentejo Coast by Aires Mateus is used my collage in terms of opening to the courtyard that creates meandering through in a way that heavy.

In the 3D Diagram, I also want to work these things. I tried to abstract them in a way that takes the reference my sentence. I tried to work with different thick meandering through yet not heavy conditions which idea comes from the analysis of house. Actually, it is the comparison of case study houses in terms of the sentence.



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