Quotation and Reference in Architecture

The dictionary meanings of quotation are a sentence or phrase that is taken out of a book, poem, or play and reference are a few words that you say or write about someone or something. Quoting in architecture and getting references is interpreted somewhat differently. Namık Erkal, the previous lecture, reference represents the dialogue between the  architects on the way from the presentation of our instructor. As a first example, Esra Akcan gave an example from the book “Architecture in Translation”. This book is talking about re-thing in another architectural language in general. Throughout the history, some structures give reference to later structures for example Hadrian Villa’s and Pantheon are more influential structures for the later ones. My way of understanding the reference; instead of copying the places completely, apply the references taken from those structures to our own design and I aware that extreme referencing make it copying. And in order to be able to take a reference from an architect and his designs, we need to understand and analyze the ideas, style and ideas of that architect in his design. One of the most exciting examples of the given examples was one of the most successful examples of how to take reference in architecture, a structure based on Le Corbusier and good enough to compete with his designs.

If I came up with quotation, I wanted to quotation from Azuma House. The two cubic and symmetrical structures are connected by a courtyard with two architectural elements. In fact, the purpose here is to reinforce the design that looks like a simple structure with the ideas behind it. The designed courtyard is the place where the relationship with the outside world is the greatest, as well as combining the two cubic buildings.



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