Watercolor Art

Greetings, this time I’m posting a post about my personal hobby, not an architectural homework or research. Watercolor was an art form that I wondered about last season. You can find the watercolor manifesto I made with my friends in my ART100 course. I’m doing this hobby as an amateur I’m doing to make myself empty and listen a bit. But I’m still trying to reflect this on my profession. For example, in this final semester I colored with Axonometric Drawings watercolor. In architecture wants a little courage to do with watercolors because the lines are clear. I mean, the watercolor wants the painting style without borders. The boundaries are also clear in architectural drawings. So it can cause problems from time to time. Despite everything, I think it is a very artistic and loving art form. Here are some examples of watercolors that I made in my spare time 🙂





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